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Construction projects can be complex and dangerous. You never know what lies beneath the ground many things can get in the way of your project - Things such as petroleum products, electricity, water, wastewater, natural gas, and telecommunications. Damage to these items can cost serious money to repair and could put workers in danger. Every day accidents happen that could have been prevented. This is why hydrovac services are becoming increasingly relied upon to reduce the odds of property being damaged or workers getting hurt on the job.

About Hydrovac Services

Our team at Fusion Pipe Solutions now offers hydrovac excavation services to customers across Western Canada. Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of excavation that uses pressurized water and a powerful vacuum to quickly and safely expose buried pipes and cables. This approach makes it easier to gain access to underground elements without the high cost of digging and unearthing large areas.

What is the major benefit of using hydrovac services in Calgary?

By clearing a path through utility conflicts, a hydrovac can help contractors put more pipes in the ground per day, install more poles per day, or complete more service repairs in a day. We help make your operations more efficient. Even though hydrovac services in Calgary tend to cost a little more than more traditional options, these costs are recuperated through increased productivity on the job site.

Professional Services

Our experienced team offers two main types of hydrovac services:

  1. Daylighting: This is the process of exposing buried facilities by vacuum excavation. Our daylighting service can enhance project safety, increase productivity, and lower costs.
  2. Trenching: Our team can excavate trenches as narrow as 3 inches wide commonly referred to otherwise as slot trenching. Slot trenches are commonly used for investigative or installation purposes.

Contact us anytime about these services. We are happy to discuss how we can apply these services to your project and help you address your needs.

Why Call Us for Hydrovac Services?

Fusion Pipe Solutions Inc. is dedicated to ensuring we provide our customers with only the highest quality hydrovac services in Calgary and the surrounding area. Our team can provide you with valuable assistance for all types of construction projects. We have built a solid reputation in Calgary for many reasons, including the following:

Call Us for A Quote Anytime

Please contact us with your inquires and quote requests anytime. We are always happy to take on new project. To get started, simply tell us about your project needs and we will discuss your services options.

Please visit us again at fusioninc.ca if you are looking for Hydrovac Services in Calgary. Call 403-474-8340 Anytime.

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